Buffalo Grove, a lovely community, populated by young families, is located just outside of Chicago. Well recognised for its numerous playgrounds, early childhood development programmes, and sports, making Buffalo Grove the ideal town for families with children. 

A quick commute to major cities, such as Chicago and secure suburban areas are advantages of residing in Buffalo Grove. In addition, there is a tiny downtown area, which really is ideal for people who want to feel urban without having to deal with the heavy congestion that comes with residing in a big city.


Buffalo Grove experiences chilly, windy winters and mild, rainy summers. Between lows of 65°F and highs of 83°F, Buffalo Grove experiences its summertime mean temperature. In the winter, it may get as cold as 20°F and as warm as 36°F. The average annual rainfall and snowfall in Buffalo Grove are 36 inches, which equates to around 125 days of snow and rain yearly.


Buffalo Grove is home to 41,551 residents. The population of Buffalo Grove, however, has been trending downward, with a yearly reduction of.00722%. Buffalo Grove’s population comprises 70.2% White people, 20.5% Asian people, 4.74% Hispanic people, and 1.98% African Americans.

Overall, Buffalo Grove is family-friendly, with a median age of 42.2 and a large population of young children. People moving here can anticipate high family incomes and employment figures. Buffalo Grove has a typical family income of $106,564, that is $44,627 higher than the national average. Last but not least, it is reasonable to say that Buffalo Grove is a safe city as its crime rates are 73% substantially lower.

Living Expenses in Buffalo Grove

It is not particularly inexpensive to live in Buffalo Grove. Buffalo Grove has a 25% higher cost of living than most of Illinois. Compared to the US national average, Buffalo Grove’s living costs are 23% higher. However, housing costs account for the majority of it. 

The cost of housing in Buffalo Grove is 58% above the national average. Buffalo Grove has a competitive property market. However, homes often sells for 3% below their quoted price.

Buffalo Grove’s average home cost is $312,000, an increase of 8% from the previous year. The 78.4% homeownership rate at Buffalo grove indicated that most residents own a home. However, many individuals continue to rent in Buffalo Grove’s little downtown. Buffalo Grove has an average monthly rent of $1,801 and sees a 13% annual increase in rent.

Buffalo Grove’s housing costs are high, while other necessities are considered fairly affordable compared to the average cost of goods in the US. 

Communities in Buffalo Grove, Illinois

Buffalo Grove offers a variety of neighborhoods where you might live. The most popular Buffalo Grove neighborhoods are as follows.  

  • Due to its abundance of young children and proximity to elementary schools, Aptakisic is a fantastic place for families. 
  • One of the priciest neighborhoods in Buffalo Grove is Old Farm Village since it offers bigger houses on larger grounds than the other Buffalo Grove subdivisions. 
  • Prairie View is more urban-feeling and has more apartment rentals if you’re looking for that. This Buffalo Grove neighborhood is populated primarily by young individuals and offers a modest nightlife.

Buffalo Grove Employment 

Buffalo Grove’s employment rate has increased by 1.09% during the last few years, and the community is still expanding. Currently, Buffalo Grove alone employs 22,800 individuals.

Here are the top three industries with the most in-demand occupations in Buffalo Grove.

  • Manufacturing
  • Social and health care support 
  • Technical and scientific services 

Many Buffalo Grove residents travel a total of 27.7 minutes to their places of employment in major cities.

Advice on Relocating to Buffalo Grove

  • The locals will experience year-round rainfall.
  • There are several things to do and places to discover.
  • The cost of living is somewhat higher than the national average.
  • Dine in one of the numerous delicious restaurants.
  • Obtain favorable employment prospects.
  • Buffalo Grove residents benefit from highly regarded public schools.

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