Following its incorporation as a town in 1869, Des Plaines had 800 residents, according to the federal census taken the following year. Des Plaines was assimilated as a community in 1873, and the very first village committee was elected in 1874 to establish the village. The community’s first president was a local brick builder named Franklin Whitcomb.

Besides the railroad, the steam-powered grain mill beside the River of Des Plaines attracted local farmers. The mill was built by railroad builders in 1852 to harvest burr oak for railroad ties. Socrates Rand later bought the mill and turned it into a grain mill. Subsequently, it was destroyed. In the mill’s vicinity and where trains would ordinarily stop to fill up with water, the Des Plaines downtown commercial district expanded over time on both sides of the tracks.

Post World War II, Des Plaines experienced rapid growth due to the exodus of residents from Chicago and the construction of Chicago-O’Hare International Airport. The population rapidly increased from 9,000 to over 50,000 in the pos-twar.


Des Plaines has 59,459 residents—  an average of 42.8 years —making it the 20th most populous city in Illinois out of the other 1,456 communities. 

Whites (63.5%), Hispanics (18.0%), and Asians (12.9%) are the three major racial/ethnic groupings in Des Plaines. 

Des Plaines residents make a median household income of $73,639. Compared to Hebron ($73,472) and Coal Valley ($73,472), households in Des Plaines made slightly more money ($73,523), and only 0.0% of families in Des Plaines are poor.


You may expect pleasant and cold weather in Des Plaines, so get ready for that. The state can have low 80s temperatures even in the summer. However, it’s conceivable to experience temperatures in the low teens throughout the winter. 

Additionally, you’d better be ready for some chilly, snowy months ahead, with an average of 38.7 inches of snowfall that falls each year. Consider your commute to work and your child’s school, as driving conditions may differ from what you are accustomed to. In such a case, staying around would be more suitable for your scenario.


There are two middle schools, eight different elementary schools, and one institution with K – 8 grades, so if you’re one of the parents and are concerned about your child’s education, you’re in luck. With three high schools, five private schools, and one community college added to this, many resources and educational possibilities are available to students of all ages. It should be emphasized that the college here provides interested students with 80 different sorts of programmes, so there won’t be a lack of work prospects after your child graduates.

Life in Des Plaines: what it’s like

Des Plaines is not related to Des Moines, even though at first glance one might think it is, but it is nonetheless a wonderful community. Des Plaines, a community of 58,673 people in Cook County, Illinois, is the place that pops into memory when you think “middle class.” Des Plaines is slightly above the state average in terms of median household income ($69,760) and average home value ($256,700). However, it is a thriving, diverse community that is still developing. It is a popular place to live, work, and play. Living here provides you with numerous advantages, including easy access to first-rate transportation, prestigious schools and parks, a bustling downtown with a recently restored Des Plaines Theatre, a high – end gaming encounter at Rivers Casino, more than 100 restaurants, a robust local economy, and employment market, and safe, friendly neighborhoods.

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