On Chicago’s northern edge sits the community of Evanston. Home of Northern University, one of the top research and teaching colleges in the US–Evanston is renowned for being a culturally diverse and liberal University town. Evanston was given its name in honor of John Evans, a statesman, physician, and the creator of Northwestern University. 

Up to the 1830s, the Potawatomi tribe formerly called this area home.German-born farmers later moved to the area in the 1840s. Following the acquisition of some land nearby for the construction of Northwestern University, the town was founded in 1863. 


Evanston has a median age of 36.1 years old, and around 74,000 people reside in Evanston, with a 9,245.30/sq mi population density.

Owing to the town’s reputation as a college town, a sizable portion of the population is between the ages of 20 and 25. Females make up 52.2% of the population, which is higher than males, who make up 47.8%. With that, the city’s population is varied, consisting of 59.2% white people, 15.9% black or African Americans, 9.4% Asians, 11% Hispanics, and 4.0% who identify as two or more races. 

Evanston Climate 

The temperature in Evanston can vary greatly. With temperatures averaging around 82°, the summer is not very hot. The weather is ideal for donning your swimsuit and swimming in the nearby pools. Additionally, it’s a great chance to swim and sunbathe on Evanston’s beaches since it rarely rises above 92 degrees. 

However, the average temperature in the wintertime drops to 21°F, and snowfall of up to 8 inches is common here. As a result, you should dress warmly for Evanston winters by carrying a jacket, mittens or a scarf, and a warm hat. People over here typically appreciate a white Christmas. If you’re planning to enjoy one by relocating there, you can always contact Xtramilemovers–Professional Moving Company in Chicago.

Evanston Economy 

With an annual growth rate of 1.36%, Evanston’s average household income is $78,904. Evanston residents are generally wealthier than Illinois, where the median household income is $57,574.

The average wage in Evanston, Illinois, is $68k, with a 0.9% rising trend. Included below are a few of the major employers:

  • Northwestern College
  • Health System at NorthShore University
  • Saint Francis Medical Center
  • Evanston City

Evanston Residential Options

There are many places to dine, shop, and attend events in downtown Evanston, a very active area situated near Northwest University. 

Gilson Park, Rocky Miller Park, and Gilson Beach are all located in North Evanston,  one of Evanston’s neighborhoods, divided by the Northside Channel from the rest of the city. Along with more than 12 parks, South Boulevard and Lee Street Beach are located in SouthEast Evanston. 

There will surely be character and community in whichever area you choose. Some of Evanston’s most beautiful neighborhoods are located adjacent to the beaches, which are popular swimming locations throughout the summer. You’ll probably have no trouble finding the home of your dreams here.

Attractions at Evanston

Due to its proximity to Chicago, Evanston, Illinois, has a lot to offer.  One can find some of the most beautiful Northeast beaches all along 22 miles of the city’s Lake Michigan coastline. There are plenty of additional options, and you’ll surely discover something that the whole family will like. 

Evanston’s major attractions include the following:

  • One of the oldest lighthouses in America is the one at Grosse Pointe.
  • There are more than 8,000 Toby and character jugs at the American Toby Jug Museum-with more than 8,000 toby and jugs characters.
  •  Lighthouse Beach, Montrose Beach, and Greenwood Beach are some of the famous beaches you can find in Evanston. 
  • The Valley Line Trail, also known as the Skokie Line Trail, is a runner’s and walker’s paradise.
  • The Block Art Museum.
  • Several public parks.

Living in Evanston Has Both Pros and Cons


  • Stunning beaches to spend the summer on
  • Access to NorthWestern’s Magnificent Campus
  • Student-friendly environment and vibrant community 


  • Winters are chilly and snowy, though some people adore them!
  • The town’s population varies depending on when classes at NorthWestern are held.

Is Evanston, Illinois, a safe place?

Living in Evanston is secure. Around 2,771 crimes are committed for every 100,000 persons. Compared to the rest of Illinois, violent crime is 61.9% lower, while the number of murders is 84.4% lower. The most common type of crime in this area is property crime, especially larceny theft. For that, there are 157 police officers in Evanston and a total of 212 law enforcement officials.

Honestly, Evanston offers many fantastic opportunities. In case you’re planning to make a shift here. Hire Xtramilemovers to simplify this laborious shifting process. Contact us today!