Along the western shore of Lake Michigan, the affluent community of Highland Park, Illinois, lies approximately 27 miles north of the Chicago Loop. Originally, a group of eleven men founded the Highland Park Construction Business in 1867 and purchased the site for Highland Park for that. It started as a piece of dispersed farmland but developed into a 500-person community over time. Finally, in March 1869, Highland Park became a legally recognized entity.

Due to its Higher altitude and closeness to a lake, Walter S. Gurnee gave the area the name Highland Park. The neighborhood is renowned for its lovely wood-framed homes, biking pathways, and nature walks. There are many advantages to coming to Highland Park, making it a worthwhile and comfortable area to live. Hire reliable Movers of Chicago today!


In how many people does Highland Park reside? Since the turn of the 20th century, Highland Park has seen a tenfold increase in population. 29,628 people call Highland Park home now, with a 47-year-old median age.

86% of Highland Park’s population is Caucasian, 8% is Hispanic or Latino, 3% is Asian, and 1% is African American. A close division of 51% females and 49% males characterizes the area’s gender distribution. Moreover, Highland Park is an affluent city with a median annual family income of $150,269 per person. 

Highland Park, listed 12th among the safe and secure communities in Illinois, has a crime rate of 66% lower than the overall national average and 60% lower than Illinois’ mean. Highland Park is indeed a certain municipality with safe neighborhoods around it. 

Living expenses in Highland Park

It’s no wonder such a prestigious city is also expensive to live in. Highland Park’s median cost of living is 33% more than the national average and around 40% greater than the state average for Illinois. While other expenditures, such as those for groceries, medicines, and the Highland Park housing prices, will be higher, newcomers will discover that utilities and transportation are less expensive.

Highland Park has an 82.1% homeownership rate, indicating that most locals own homes. Homes in Highland Park have stunning architecture and a wide range of options to suit all lifestyles. Homes in Highland Park typically cost $635,000, or $221 per square foot, on the open market. The property tax rate in Highland Park is 2.830%, which is roughly $17,971 in annual property taxes for a house in this price range.

The remaining 18% of Highland Park residents rent their homes. Depending on the area and nearby conveniences, rental in Highland Park typically costs $1,800 a month.


Like the Chicago region, Highland Park has a humid continental climate, suggesting it experiences chilly, rainy winters and hot, muggy summers. Highland Park experiences nearly 36 inches of yearly precipitation, including annual snowfall.

At its hottest, Highland Park’s average summertime temperature ranges from the mid-60s to the mid-80s. The thermometer, however, can fall below the mid-teens during nighttime and hit the low 30s during the daytime throughout the winter when temperatures decrease rapidly. So, when relocating to Highland Park, bring winter clothing, including snow boots, for a cozy stay. 


As you make the decision to relocate to this wonderful area, you’ll learn that some of the top Highland Park communities include:

  • Braeside
  • Ravinia Park Place
  • TruHaven

Over 44 neighborhood parks, totalling more than 700 acres of land, are managed and run by Highland Park’s Park District. There are several beaches and three dog parks among the outdoor activities that are accessible to all locals. You can have a chill time there with your family or loved ones. 

Highland Park: A Desirable place to call Home

Highland Park is located in the North Shore center, 25 kilometers northwest of Chicago Loop, and tucked along lovely Lake Michigan for roughly 5 miles. 

Here citizens will convince you that one of the biggest, most dynamic, and forward-thinking communities north of Chicago is created by more than just residing in the heart; it is created by living with the heart. Friendly neighborhood shops, nine unique business areas, a variety of restaurants and entertainment options, parks, and an award-winning beach attracts tourists and makes Highland park the best. 

With a diverse housing supply, excellent schools, and services that go above and beyond to meet the requirements of our multigenerational families, The community is enriched by art and culture thanks to the Ravinia Festival and other events. Highland Park is easily accessible thanks to the numerous Pace bus stops and Metra train stations spread across the city. For these reasons, Highland Park is delighted to be home to nearly 30,000 people and more than 900 businesses. It is a society that is motivated by a shared desire to collaborate to influence the future. 

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