Deerfield Movers

The charming community of Deerfield, Illinois, is located in a prairie area not far from the southernmost tip of the magnificent Lake Michigan. As a north-side Chicago suburb, most of Deerfield Township is in Lake County, with a tiny portion in Cook County. Before European settlers arrived in 1835, multiple Native American tribes formerly called this historic hamlet home. Formerly known as “Leclair,” the city’s current name was chosen to honor the Massachusetts town of Deerfield and the area’s abundance of deer.

One of the wealthiest communities in Illinois, Deerfield is also known for its excellent public schools and housing of several company offices–making it a safe and tranquil place for young families. Deerfield is a hidden gem, surrounded by farms and forests. It offers quick access to several well-kept playgrounds, hotels, a few delectable restaurants, and everything you need within a 10-minute drive of your location.


The population of Deerfield, Illinois, which is 19,196, has grown by 5.3% during the past ten years. Incredibly, Deerfield’s typical household income of $153,431 is approximately $90,000 more than the national and state averages, while the city’s median age is 43.9 years.

Deerfield’s population is predominantly diversified in terms of race, with whites constituting 89.2% of the total, Asians making up 5.2%, Hispanics at 3.7%, and blacks at 8%. Apart from that, 51.5% of Deerfield’s population is female, leaving 48.5% of the population to be male.

Given that the crime rate in Deerfield is more than three times lower than the national average of 2,477, it is an exceptionally safe area to live. As per the FBI report, the overall crime rate in Deerfield is 732 crimes per 100,000 persons, while the likelihood of being a victim is 1 in 137. Moreover, With a 2.4% rise in employment over the past year, Deerfield’s 6.4% unemployment rate might see some relief.

Deerfield’s Cost of Living

Deerfield has a higher cost of living than the entire state by over 11%. Deerfield’s taxes are slightly higher than the national average, with an 8% sales tax and a 5% income tax. The median property price in Deerfield is $575,000, which is far more than the $269,800 state average. 

Deerfield Housing Options

Most of Deerfield’s relatively affluent communities offer a thick suburban feel and family-friendly activities. Deerfield, Illinois, is home to over 40 communities and developments. While the core portions of Deerfield are frequently the most desirable, the southwest region is frequently the cheapest. The Woodland Park area may be your best bet if you seek the priciest real estate. 

Moreover, Deerfield to Chicago is typically 28 miles away, and it takes 40 minutes to travel south on the highway.


Deerfield has hot, humid summers at 83 degrees and chilly, harsh winters at 17 degrees. Here at Deerfield, Summertime is ideal for lake swimming. 

The 36 inches of snow and rain that fall in Deerfield each year will require a snow shovel and possibly a raincoat. With that,  Deerfield has 136 days of sunshine, so don’t forget to bring your sunglasses. The most pleasant times of year to visit Deerfield are summer and fall. 

Deerfield Jobs 

Deerfield’s most sought-after occupations are project managers, software engineers, and financial analysts– and it is known for having several excellent commercials and corporate organizations where the employees are passionate about what they do. 

Deerfield is home to corporate offices like 

  • Walgreens Boots Alliance
  • Fortune Brand Home & Security
  • Baxter Healthcare
  • Caterpillar Inc.

Pros and Cons of shifting to Deerfield

Pros :

  • You can easily access Lake Michigan and downtown Chicago.
  • Although there aren’t many services and restaurants within the hamlet, there are many nearby!

Cons :

  • Investing in a heavy winter coat is a good option for the chilly and snowy winters.

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