Thank you for trusting Extra Mile Movers with your Relocations!

Please read our Terms and Conditions below:

Scheduling time on your move day.

  1. Morning appointments are scheduled between 8am-10am arrival window.
  2. Afternoon appointments are scheduled between 2pm-6pm arrival window.

Moving Estimate.

  1. The quote you receive for you local move is non-binding, that means it gives us a general idea of how big the move is going to be and how long it will take us. The are a lot of factors that play in the actual time it will take us such as traffic, elevator reservations, and readiness of the client to move.
  2. Long Distance quotes most of the time are binding.

Moving supplies.

  1. Moving pads, tape and stretch wrap are included in the price.
  2. Boxes are not included in the price with the exception of Wardrobe boxes – you can use them during the move but need to return it back or $15 fee will be applied.
  3. If you need a full pack service please let us know so we can prepare accordingly.

Property Condition.

  1. Please make sure the movers have safe and easy access to your place.
  2. Your home must be free from hazards, furniture is clean from dirt, water, mold, bugs, rodents, animal urine or feces and hair.
  3. We reserve the right to cancel the move if any of the above conditions apply.

Weather Conditions.

  1. Chicago weather plays a big role during the move. Please be aware that it will take movers more time to protect your furniture during rain and snow conditions.
  2. Bad road conditions may be a result of the movers being late.

Weather Conditions.

  1. Moving is a 2 way street – If you are well prepared and ready with your boxes packed and some furniture disassembled – the move will go smooth, easy, and fast!
  2. Appliances must be disconnected from water lines prior to the move.

Penalty fees.

  1. Same day cancellation fee
  2. 24 hour cancellation

Additional Services.

  1. Trash removal
  2. Long Carry
  3. Stair Carry
  4. Hoisting
  5. Garbage disposal

Special Handling fees.

  1. Items above 150 lbs
  2. Items above 250 lbs
  3. Pianos