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Evanston Moving service is available through Extra Mile Movers of Chicago.

While shifting your organization to a new site, numerous tasks exist. Packing is the time-consuming and most demanding aspect of a business move. Make sure everything gets from your existing site to your new office or facility, including furniture, inventory, equipment, critical records, and much fewer personal belongings. Working with an expert Evanston moving company like Extra Mile Movers, which offers automobile and residential packing services, is the ideal approach to make this process simpler and more effective. 

Extra Mile Movers provides expert packing services to assist in moving You, your family, or your businesses to or from Evanston, Illinois. Our experienced staff can expertly organize and pack all your furniture and equipment that needs to be transferred to your new house or office. Given that we are well-equipped with all the necessary knowledge and tools, we can pack your belongings securely and effectively, saving you the hassle and shortening the move duration. 

Our packaging services come with the following guarantees:

  • Trustworthy packaging services
  • Experienced, educated, certified, and insured movers
  • Quick and effective packing
  • Labeled Boxes
  • Complete list of items packed
  • Unpacking and setting up the belongings in the new location
  • Storage Facilities

Evanston Moving and Storage

For individuals with precious automobiles, moving is extremely stressful and burdensome when it comes to packing. These things need to be packed carefully to prevent damage during the relocation. If you are unsure where to begin, you should consider using our reliable Evanston vehicle moving company.

At Extra Mile Movers, our experts can pack your belongings safely and securely and make sure they are ready for safe delivery to your new address. Our staff members are qualified to provide secure and reliable packing to safeguard your belongings while relocating, and everyone has undergone background checks, insurance, and licensing checks. Regardless of the number of items, we can manage all packing, as well as unpacking and arranging your belongings in the new space or house. All you have to do is contact us. 

Comprehensive Packing Services

Our Evanston movers can help you transfer your possessions much faster and less stressfully. We routinely move homes, businesses, and industries and are aware of the finest procedures to ensure a smooth transition. Let our professionals handle your packing and moving needs to ensure you are less stressed and more at rest.

As professionals in residential moving, we are equipped to pack and transport huge furnishings, machines, technology, and other unusual and speciality products. You can count on our professional Evanston movers to treat your belongings with expertise and respect and to have everything wrapped and arranged for your move.

Life at Evanston, Relocate here with Extra Mile Movers

On Chicago’s northern edge sits the community of Evanston. Home of Northern University, one of the top research and teaching colleges in the US–Evanston is renowned for being a culturally diverse and liberal University town. Evanston was given its name in honor of John Evans, a statesman, physician, and the creator of Northwestern University. 

Up to the 1830s, the Potawatomi tribe formerly called this area home. German-born farmers later moved to the area in the 1840s. Following the acquisition of some land nearby for the construction of Northwestern University, the town was founded in 1863. Currently, with an annual growth rate of 1.36%, Evanston’s average household income is $78,904. Evanston residents are generally wealthier than Illinois, where the median household income is $57,574.The average wage in Evanston, Illinois, is $68k, with a 0.9% rising trend. Evanston certainly does have a lot of wonderful opportunities that will make your life easier. Plus, you can get to enjoy white Christmas here, so plan your relocation here with Extra Mile Movers–a Professional Moving Company in Evanston.

Living in Evanston Has Both Pros and Cons


  • Stunning beaches to spend the summer on
  • Access to North Western’s Magnificent Campus
  • Student-friendly environment and vibrant community 


  • Winters are chilly and snowy, though some people adore them!
  • The town’s population varies depending on when classes at North Western are held.

Extra Mile Movers can be your go-to moving business in Evanston, Illinois.

The professional moving company– Extra Mile Movers offer our residential and commercial clients unmatched value and service. Allow our reputable movers to manage your local or automobile move in Evanston, Illinois. 

Having years of experience in local, long-distance moving services in Evanston, and others, our skilled team can pack your family and company possessions expertly. Low prices combined with an experienced workforce that has undergone professional training ensure a quicker, more cautious, and less expensive relocation. With our affordable moving prices, you get excellent value. To make a suitable consultation, please get in touch with us right away. 

To request a free quote for our expert packing services, contact Extra Mile Movers or submit an enquiry form!