In Naperville, Illinois—a large suburb of Chicago—residents have access to a wide range of possibilities for learning, employment, and pleasure. With a $114,000 median family income and a thriving economy based on healthcare, research, technology, and energy, Naperville is a wealthy suburb of Chicago. Given the city’s proximity to the crowded roads surrounding Chicago, it wasn’t a horrible commute, and Xtramilemovers–a reliable storage service in Chicago, can help you make this moving process less hassle-free.

Naperville Relocation Advice

  • Experience a lower cost of living than in Chicago
  • Numerous public schools with high ratings are available.
  • Discover a variety of great suburbs or the vibrant nightlife in Downtown Naperville.
  • Discover fantastic job opportunities in fields including technology, research, and wellness.
  • Enjoy various entertaining activities in Naperville, including family-friendly sites and outdoor pursuits.

Demographics of Naperville, Illinois

148,000 people call Naperville home, and most of them are white (77%), followed by Asian (15%), African Americans (5%), and Hispanics (5%) in terms of race and ethnicity. With immigration from China, Korea, Pakistan, India, and Pakistan, Naperville has a higher proportion of Asian people compared to any other Chicago suburb.

Naperville has a well-educated population with an average age of almost 39, somewhat higher than the national average. According to one research, 71% of people over 25 in Naperville have a graduate degree, making it one of the best ten most educated communities in the country.

Naperville Climate

Wondering about the weather before relocating to Naperville, Illinois? With a hot -summer humid continental climate, you’ll get all four seasons here. The average number of sunny days in Naperville is 189.

With 39 inches of rain and 29 inches of snow annually and precipitation on roughly 120 days per year, the climate is quite typical for the United States. Temperatures around 70 to 85 degrees, with typical highs of 84 in July, are comfortable for around 5 months per year. Only 8 days in a year reach 90 degrees. The average low temperature at night in January is 15. 

Naperville Economy and Jobs

Naperville was a component of the wider Chicago region’s economy, which began as a transit hub in 19th- and 20th-century America. It served as a crossroads for agricultural goods traveling eastward to feed the primary population centers of America and cargo traveling west to feed settlers. 

Given that Naperville has one of the most educated workforces in America, it’s not surprising that the city has a robust economy and plenty of job prospects. Today, Naperville is part of a giant transit hub that has developed around the region’s train system and the important airports of Chicago and Midway Airports. Its industrial and commercial economy is notable for its size and diversity.

The area around Naperville is home to 30 Fortune 500 corporations, and many well-paying jobs are available there. In the 1990s, Naperville experienced one of the nation’s fastest population growth rates thanks to its strong economy.

Naperville’s leading employers include:

  • Nokia, with 1,800 people. 
  • Nicor Gas, with 2,000 workforce.
  • Edward Hospital, with 5,800 workforce. 

Best Areas to Reside in Naperville, Illinois

From Naperville’s family-friendly suburbia to the bustling downtown and upscale condo complexes, everyone can find an area in Naperville that suits them. 

Enjoy being close to the action? With excellent pubs and restaurants nearby, downtown Naperville is a nice spot to call home. Downtown has many brand-new luxury residences that, despite being pricey, offer incredible amenities, excellent walkability and public transportation, and a lively nightlife just outside your door.

If you prefer a greater room, there are numerous well-liked developments and planned residential communities in Naperville that you can check out. With around 1,000 residents and the majority of its homes constructed in the 1980s, Hobson West is among Naperville’s most affordable communities.

Naperville – a Town that Values Families

Compared to other American cities, Naperville has among the greatest proportions of children living there, and many activities are available all year long to keep your kids busy. 

  • Bring your kids to Centennial Beach in the summer, an outdoor pool with a beachfront, diving boards, and picnic spaces.
  • The DuPage River’s 1.75-mile Riverwalk runs through the city’s center and features covered bridges, water features, and public artwork.
  •  Brookfield Zoo, located close to Naperville, is one of the biggest zoos in the country. 

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