Oak Park, Illinois, often known as the “Largest Village In The World,” is a fantastic place to live and work, ideal for settling down and establishing roots. First founded in 1835, the community of Oak Park got separated from Cicero in 1902 to become an independent city. Since there are many oak trees, the town was initially called Oak Ridge. However, once the post office changed to Oak Park, the railways changed to Oak Park, and soon the entire region changed its name to match. Given the abundance of outdoor activities available, Oak Park is a stunning location, perfect for nature lovers. 


Oak Park, popularly known as “the largest hamlet in the world,” has a population density of 11,086 persons per square mile.

Since the 2010 census, 1,366 more people have moved into Oak Park, bringing the population up to 53,224.

The following is a breakdown of Oak Park’s population:

  • White – 66.03 %, 
  • Black – 18.1%
  • Hispanic – 4.63%,
  • Asian – 4.92% 
  • Mixed-race -6.32%
  • Gender Distribution: 46.7% men and 53.3% women
  • Population born overseas 8.9%
  • The average age is 41 years old.

In Oak Park, around 70.8% of people have earned a bachelor’s degree, and 96.8% have completed high school. Affluent neighborhoods can be found in Oak Park with the median household income of $96,945, which is high by Illinois state standards. 

Although Oak Park has a 35.1% higher overall crime rate than the country as a whole, the vast majority of offenses are property crimes. And compared to the national average, violent crimes are down 18.7%. Although Oak Park has a high crime rate, many safe communities still exist. The 109 police officers assist in serving and defending this neighborhood that values families.

Oak Park’s Climate 

The mean temperature in the springtime is consistently over 78 degrees, and the climate is hot, muggy, and rainy. However, the weather can become chilly, snowy, and windy during the winter and fall. The typical fall temperature is in the 60s, and the typical winter temperature is in 30s.

In addition to 30.3 inches of rain, Oak Park typically receives 11.7 inches of snow every year. With the rest of Illinois, Oka park has a much higher risk of experiencing a tornado. So it’s better to carry your essentials if you’re planning to relocate to Oak Park. June through September are ideal for visiting Oak Park, Illinois.


With an unemployment number of 5.3%, Oak Park seems to have a more robust economy than the country as a whole (6.0%). Oak Park’s typical annual pay is $66,000, and the median daily hourly rate is 19.42.

The top three employers are: 

  • West Suburban Medical Center
  • PortionPac 
  • Citizens Rx

Average Living Costs in Oak Park

The average cost of a property in Oak Park is $455,000. There is a wide range of lovely homes to pick from, including single-family homes, townhomes, and apartments. The bulk of the designs combine Vintage, classic, and contemporary elements. Due to the market’s intense competition, multiple bids are frequently made during the sale. 

Many locals opt to buy a property because they are very reasonable. The typical rent in Oak Park ranges from $915 to $2,443+ based on location and the required number of bedrooms.

Thing You can do at Oak Park

Although Oak Park does not have a mall, several options are close by. Some of the most well-liked are Forest Park Plaza, Winston Plaza, and River Forest Town Center. However, Oak Park offers a wide selection of places to hang out. 

Here are some of the best locations:

  • Children’s Museum WonderWorks

WonderWorks is dedicated to creating a place where children can be creative and inquisitive via play-based learning. It has 6,400 square feet where children can play and explore various interactive exhibits. Those who have young children will love this location in Oak Park, Illinois.

  • The Oak Park Conservatory

Free to the general public, Oak Park Conservatory features a variety of showrooms, including Mediterranean, Desert and Tropical styles. This conservatory, regarded as a gem in this neighborhood, is one of Oak Park’s top three historical attractions.

  • Scoville Park

In the ancient Scoville Park, you could spend the day swinging on the tennis court or just playing on the playground.

Additional Oak Park Tourist Attractions–

  • Taylor Park 
  • Ridgeland Common Park Lake 
  • Ernest Hemingway Birthplace Museum 
  • Barrie Park 
  • Austin Gardens

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