Wheeling, a vibrant village of 40,000 people in the wealthy northern suburbs of Chicago, stands out for its distinctive blend of business development, residential areas, and industry. 

In addition to being a component of Illinois’ third busiest airport — Executive Airport of Chicago–, Wheeling is well-known both locally and globally. 

To meet the demands of potential inhabitants, Wheeling offers a wide range of housing alternatives, including top-notch luxury apartments, reasonably priced rental homes in an array of shapes and sizes, and homes for bachelors and families on streets surrounded by trees. 

Metra Station in Wheeling provides commuters with quick access to Interstate 294 as well as North Central Line Metra rail service. Residents of Wheeling have easy access to award-winning public schools, food stores, retail malls, and healthcare services. Away from urban areas, the Park District in Wheeling and the Forest Preserve of Cook County offer recreational activities and opportunities for therapeutic nature contact.

Wheeling’s History 

When Wheeling was first established in 1894, it served as a stopover for passengers from Chicago, making their way towards the Wisconsin Territory through the then-unnamed overland route that is today Milwaukee Avenue. The 1830s saw the beginning of what is now known as Wheeling’s Restaurant Row—a collection of inns, taverns, and diners.

Farmers profited from the region’s rich soil and expanding overland transit system. The village that served as a stage stop soon started exporting its crops. Ultimately, the landscaping nurseries in Wheeling gained the particular city notoriety.

Later, in the 1960s, Wheeling began to develop as a hub for industry and trade, along with the expansion of Metro Chicago. Wheeling’s concentration of manufacturing facilities enabled rail transportation to transfer goods into and out of the region. The growth of residential areas came after these manufacturers.As the population increased, commercial development also increased.

Demographic of Wheeling

Wheeling currently has 34,496 citizens and a population density of 4,106.5 people per square mile. The hamlet population comprises 76.8% white people, 2.44% African Americans, 0.23% Native Americans, 9.26% Asians, 0.07% Pacific Islanders, 9.18% of other races, and 2.13% of individuals who are recognized as primarily into two or more races.

With a median age of 34, Wheeling’s population is composed of 23.4% people under the age of 18, 9.4% people aged 18 to 24, 35.2% people aged 25 to 44, 21.8% people aged 45 to 64, and 10.2% people aged 65 or over. 

For every 100 girls over the age of 18, there are 96.8 males, as opposed to 94.7 males for females who are at least 18 years old. Additionally, Wheeling had a median household income of $63,088 and an average family income of $55,491, with men having a median income of $41,586 and women having a median income of $32,262. With 5.3% of people and 2.7% of households living in poverty, the village’s per capita income is $24,989.


Wheeling, Illinois experiences 174 days with temperatures below 50 degrees Fahrenheit in a typical year. Wheeling experiences low annual precipitation (for the US) levels of 35.5 inches, with snowfall totalling 60 days or 16.4% of the entire year— the highest in the US. 

You can comprehend annual precipitation easily by visualizing 7 continuous days of mild rain each year. For roughly 120.8 days, or 33.1% of the year, the humidity level in Wheeling, Illinois, is lower than 60%. 

Moving to Wheeling: Is it a wise decision or not?

The US Census Bureau’s latest recent statistics show that Wheeling, Illinois’s median household income is $71,966, and its median home value is $260,000. Both families and young professionals can find fantastic housing in this village. 

The village offers top-notch educational institutions, parks, recreation areas, and convenient access to Chicago. Additionally, a wide range of enterprises, including numerous food and retail establishments, call it home. So youngsters looking out for employment can find one here easily. All in all, Wheeling is a great option for those seeking a friendly and secure neighborhood, and moving here is the wisest decision one can make. 

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